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Our Story

Birth Of The Brand

We all love to stay fit & eat healthy but we face a problem maintaining a budget-friendly & healthy lifestyle.
Happy Seed is a story of two young entrepreneurs who had faced a similar problem. They loved to stay fit & eat healthily but wanted to be light on the pocket at the same time.
Over time, they gained enormous knowledge about food & nutrition.
So they started ‘Happy Seed’ through which they sell 100% clean, healthy, and high nutrition products at very affordable prices!
Happy Seed promises to provide the best quality products to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Birth of the Brand

As a student, Ayush Jain was highly inclined towards maintaining a nourishing lifestyle while consuming healthy snacks, gourmet food, and cereals. But due to these products being highly expensive only a few were able to afford them. Thus, he introduced the brand as a tribute to his childhood and to bring around a revolution in the market where people can now enjoy gourmet food products at a highly affordable rate. The brand is a synonym for a healthy and affordable living style.

Quality Products

Our priority is to supply products that are good in quality. Compromising with quality is not our call, but keeping our customers healthy & satisfied surely is.

Wide Range

A wide range of fresh produce to packaged and getting them delivered to your doorstep making it a convenient and quick process.

Best Supplier

Delivering genuine organic foods products to our consumers. We are committed to the service and integrity that benefits all.

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